The Boards of WIA, WIA-Europe and WIA-Canada welcomed their new sister organisation, Women in Aerospace Africa on the 4th of October 2011 as their growing network expands across the globe.
WIA Africa is proud to be a part of the Women in Aerospace community and of the opportunity to be a part of developing Women in Aerospace Africa. There are many women in aerospace scattered throughout Africa that will now have a forum to interact with others and equally address the women, young and old, in developing nations, their issues, education and their possibilities. The input from WIA and WIA Europe has been supportive and encouraging and WIA Africa is enthused by the great interest and support.
This marks another step towards realising the common goal of creating a global WIA community. It shows again that WIA objectives can transcend borders, and be shared by all. Women in our sector need an organisation which allows them to meet, exchange experience and importantly that represents them.

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