Youth Space Congress 2014 at University of the Western Cape

The Space Youth Congress is a two-day congress aimed at providing advice and assistance to students and young professionals on how to start and develop a career in the space sector. To this end experts and established space professionals will attend in order to give their views on how to start a career in space, to describe what they expect from students and young professionals starting a space career and broadly outline the various opportunities available. All aspects and branches of the space sector will be covered, including academic research, engineering and development, law and policy etc.

The conference will be held on 17 and 18 March at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town.

All are warmly invited to attend, but preference will be given to students and professionals in an early stage of their career. Please use the form below to submit your application to attend - you will be notified shortly of the result.

Please note that, while attendance of students and young professionals from outside of Cape Town is desired, no financial support is currently available for out-of-town delegates.

Register Here.